Look what we’ve been up to in Year 5!

Hello yellow!

The children have all helped to support Hello Yellow Day by donating £1 to wear something yellow and purchasing ‘worry worms’ from the Year 6 children.

Space biscuits

During space week, we baked some delicious biscuits and then decorated them with a theme that was out of this world! We worked together to follow a recipe and we even measured our own ingredients.

Mars soil investigation

Space scientists hope that real samples of Mars soil will be brought back to earth from Mars, but in the meantime, we mimicked the work of space scientists using mock samples of soil sent. We had 3 different samples of mock soil to investigate. We acted like scientists to find out which sample best matched a description of Mars soil. We used sieving, filtering and evaporation to help us decide which sample was the best match to Scientists description of mars soil.

Kings and Queens of the castle!

Class 14 had a very exciting afternoon. We were lucky enough to visit Hylton Castle. We had a tour around the inside of the castle and outside around the castle grounds. We found out lots of interesting facts about the history of the castle and particularly enjoyed listening to a ghost story whilst sitting inside the castle!

Attendance winners!

Both class 13 and 14 won the attendance prize this week as they had the highest attendance across the whole school!

Their prize was hot chocolate and biscuits in the school hall with Mr Robson.

Ten pin bowling!

Some of our amazing Year 5 children took part in a bowling competition alongside other schools in Sunderland. We had lots of fun.

We won medals and certificates for coming 2nd place in the competition.

A huge shout out to Brendan Dorothy who had the highest overall score in the whole competition and a massive well done to Jae Gladstone and Logan Storey for the highest number of strikes and spares.

P.E Circuits

Take a look at us in action during our P.E lesson today. We had a go at lots of different exercises. You could tell how hard we worked when we realised we’d left sweat marks on the floor!

Marvellous map work

In our Geography sessions we have started to look at how our Earth is made up and divided. We have learnt about the seven continents and 5 oceans. We used maps and atlases to help us locate them on a world map.

We have also started to learn about the equator, Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the North and South pole. Take a look at us in action developing our map and atlas reading skills!

Testing materials

In science today we were given a range of materials to test based on their properties. We investigated how hard they were, how flexible they were, if they were magnetic, if they were electrical conductors and whether or not they were transparent. We were amazing at using scientific vocabulary like waterproof, rough, flexible, strong, absorbent, magnetic, opaque and electric conductor.