Look what we’ve been up to in Year 5!

Class 11 are taking part in an integrational project. First we learned about the illness dementia. We have been working with Sarah-Jayne, a community artist, to prepare multimedia resources. After Christmas, we will visit local care homes to engage with their elderly residents, especially those with dementia.


Year 5 Gymnastics 

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Our Visit to Bede’s World

On Friday 29th January, we visited Bede’s world, as part of our Anglo-Saxon topic. We had a great time! we had two interesting workshops, one on Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon weapons and the other on St. Bede and life as an Anglo-Saxon monk.

View our Bede’s World gallery here.


We have been learning about the life cycle of different animal groups.  Did you know that some insects like butterflies go through metamorphosis and others, like locusts, go through incomplete metamorphosis?

Here are some life cycle wheels that we have made.




We are using scratch to learn simple programming.


Some of our World War 2 Work.