Look what we’ve been up to in Year 5!

Wonderful weaving

In our history lessons we found out that the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings used weaving to make their clothes, sails for their ships, decorations for their houses, blankets, bags and more. It was a lengthy process that started with sheering the sheep for their wool. The wool was then washed, combed and spun into long strands called yarn which was then
dyed using a mixture of plants and natural resources before being weaved into fabric on a loom. We had a go at weaving using cardboard, loom and felt. Don’t they look amazing?

Viking Jewellery

Take a look at some of the fantastic Viking necklaces and brooches we designed and created.

NSPCC Maths Day

On Friday 7th May we had lots of fun celebrating maths day and raising money for the NSPCC charity. We played and designed our own maths games.

Viking Day!

On Thursday 6th May we had an exciting visit from Robbie the Viking. We had a fun filled day of clay modelling, story telling and drama. We learnt all about Viking life and had lots of fun dressing up as Vikings and looking at different Viking artifacts.


In our current science topic we are learning about living things and their habitats and have been looking at naming the parts of a flowering plant. We went on a hunt around our school grounds to look at some of the different plants and flowers and identify the different parts. Take a look at some of the beautiful photographs of some of the different plants we found.

Young leaders

Some of us took part in our first session of the young leaders programme that we are doing with Tyne and Wear School Games Organisers. We took part in lots of fun activities and exercises and talked about what makes a good leader. E.g. resilience, respect, confidence, positivity, working as a team.
We also designed our own games and activities that other children could take part in.


As part of STEM week, year 5 were assigned a mission to design and build a vehicle that would protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. The main objective was to have their Eggnaut survive the fall without a crack! Some were more successful than others!


Some of Year 5 have been taking part in Samba music lessons. They really enjoyed it!

World Book Day!

We had lots of fun at school celebrating World book day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters, read around the fire pit whilst toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate as well as making our favourite book characters out of potatoes! It was a shame that not all of the children were in school for this day but we still made sure the children at home were able to join in on the fun by dressing up as their favourite book characters at home and seeing some guests (Mr Robson and Miss Hetherington) on screen dressed as their favourite characters.

Fun in the snow!

We decided to brave the cold and had lots of fun in the snow making snowmen and snow angels!

Ready, Steady Cook!

Over the past few weeks we have had lots of fun making and baking some tasty treats. We made our own smoothies, flapjacks, quesadillas and pancakes! We used our maths skills to help us weigh and measure the different ingredients.

Children in need.

We came to school in non-uniform to help raise money for Children in need. We also ate some delicious Pudsey bear biscuits which our wonderful school cooks made for us and enjoyed looking at the wonderful Pudsey bears (that we designed and coloured in) which were displayed all around the dining hall.

Christmas Party!

Take a look at us at our Christmas party in our wonderful party clothes. We had great fun and really enjoyed participating in dance battles and playing some fun party games.

Cam Mechanisms

Take a look at some of the fantastic moving boats/ships which we made using cam mechanisms in our DT lessons.

Santa dash!

We had lots of fun trying to chase Santa (who oddly sounded like Mr Scott) around the yard.

Christmas jumper day!

Take a look at us in our very festive and bright Christmas jumpers. We donated £1 to save the children charity.

Maths day!

We had lots of fun during our maths day which was all about shape. Some of us even came in to school wearing shape themed accessories which we designed and made ourselves.

Remembrance Day

Take a look at some of the poppies we made to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Odd socks day.

We took part in odd socks day which linked to anti-bullying week. This was to raise awareness that we are all different (although equal) and should celebrate what makes us unique.

Hello yellow!

We came to school dressed wearing yellow clothes or accessories to show young people they’re not alone with their mental health.