Look and see what we have been up to in Year 2…

The Enormous Crocodile character masks.

Our topic this term in year 2 is all about Roald Dahl. Since starting we have been reading The Enormous Crocodile. We have loved reading the book and have created masks of the character and we will use these to act out the story.

Place value in math

In Mrs Goodwin’s math class we been working hard to represent 2 digit numbers using our dienes . Take a look at us in action…

Read Write Inc

We love reading our Read Write Inc books each week. we would love it if you asked us about our books and how we use expression when we read. Take a look at use during our RWI sessions!

Year 2 PE

This term in PE we are looking at games, we are focusing on our throwing and catching skills. We really enjoy learning new skills and using them to play games correctly. Our PE lesson are very important to us because they help us keep fit and healthy!

Sweet Science

This week we needed to test sweets to help Mr Wonka build his sweet palace in Spain. We conducted an experiment testing to see if different sweets melted on the table, in our hand and in a microwave and then recorded the results. Take a look at us being super scientists….

Bonfire Night

We have been learning all about why we celebrate bonfire night. We had lots of fun talking about Guy Fawkes and why he is a significant person. We worked with our partner to order and sequence the events of the gun powder plot.

After that, we acted out the key historical events and discussed what each character would feel like during each of the different parts.

Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day Year 2 have been learning about what countries were involved in starting the world war, We then wrote an acrostic poem all about the soldiers who died.

In art we learnt about why the poppy is important and used as a symbol of remembrance and we the used our sketching and painting skills to create our realistic poppy pictures.

Making Santa’s Sleigh

This week in our topic lessons we were given a special task from Santa. We had to design a sleigh for Santa to use. For this we tested the properties of different materials and decided which material would be the best for the different areas of our sleigh. We then used our findings to make our own sleigh prototype. Take a look at us in action…

Our Reading Ambassadors

This week our reading ambassadors have loved using the thesaurus to find synonyms of words. They have even used them to so that they can use a range of different adjectives in their work, well done boys!

Pointillism Calendars

This year Year 2 have decided to take inspiration from the artist George Seurat to help create our calendars. We found out that George Seurat uses a technique called pointillism to create his art work. This is where you use little dots of paint close together to make pictures. WE hope you like them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Classifying Animals

This week we have been looking at different classifications of animal and the different characteristics each type of animal group has. We then identified animals in each group and made a fact file for each one. Take a look at some of our super work!

We then went in to our yard to see what animals we could find and identify what animal group they are from.

Year 2 Gymnastics

This term in PE we are doing Gymnastics. We are working on controlling the movement of our body whilst developing our flexibility and strength. Take a look at us in action…

Teaching Time

This week we have looked at what helps us tell the time, where we  find watches and the features of watches. We then looked at how a analog clock would show an O’clock time. When Miss Atkinson Shouted a o’clock time we showed this on our clocks. We then challenged our friends to explain what time was shown on our own clocks . Take a look at us in action….

Creating our new display!

Last week we used our creative skills to start preparing things for our new year 2 display. We used our drawing, coloring, painting and even our pointillism skills to create a range of amazing animals. can you guess what our display is going to be about? we cant wait to show you all our finished product!

Habitats Homework

Alek and Orion have completed excellent habitat homework. Alek looked at animals that live in a beach habitat. Orion created a habitat for an animal that he made in a previous homework. Take a look at their fantastic creations!

We are learning all about adaptation

This week in science we are learning all about how particular animals adapt to their environments. We have been looking a camel, fish and polar bear. We now know lots of different adaptation facts. We wrote these down as a group and used this to create a fact file about each of the different animals. Have a look at our super group work!

A postcard from Charles Darwin

This week we have been looking at what Charles Darwin found in the Galapagos Islands. We have been focusing on his discovery of the Blue Footed Boobie Bird and the variations of Darwin’s finches. We have learnt lots of different facts, which we then used to create a postcard pretending to be Charles Darwin to send back to the UK about our amazing discoveries. We used Purple mash and dictated our facts to create our postcard. Don’t forget to ask us about what we have learnt!

Super Star reading

In year 2 we have been fantastic at reading at home! All of these children have read 10 books at home so could go to Mrs Hetherington to get a free book!

World book day 2022

Year 2 had a fantastic day this world book day! We dressed up as our favorite book characters as well as going to the reading fair and buying some new books. We all loved our book themed activities.

Angela’s Ark

This week we had some very exciting visitors. We learnt lots about the amazing creatures Angela had brought and had lots of fun meeting them and holding them. We learnt about the animals habitats and adaptations, did you know a skinny pig was created in a laboratory and the yellow crested gecko was thought to be extinct! Take a look at us with the amazing animals…

DT- making our animals!

In D&T we have been creating our very own moveable animals. We started this project by looking at animals that were already made out of card. We evaluated these products and discussed why we liked them and suggested improvements. We also discussed how they were environmentally friendly. We then created a design specification for our animal. After that we designed our animal and thought about all of the D&T skills we needed to create our product. We then looked at measuring accurately, folding techniques and how we were going to join our animal together. After practising these techniques we then created our animal and painted it. We had lots of fun!

Take a look at our some of our final products!

Mad Multiplications

In maths we have been looking at multiplication. We know that multiplication is repeated addition and is commutative.  We counted groups of, used repeated addition and the multiplication sign to write multiplication calculations.  We also created arrays out of Skittles to help us solve calculations. We have had lots of fun!

Queen Elizabeth II fact files

This week we have loved learning about all about our queen, we looked at key events in her life, her family and learnt lots of fun facts! Did you know she owned a house at only 6 years old or that she loves pigeon racing! We worked very hard to create fact files all about Queen Elizabeth II. Take a look at some of our amazing work.

The Daily Mile

Last week Year 2 enjoyed completing a special daily mile, celebrating its 10 year anniversary. We discussed how completing the daily mile does not only help us stay physically fit and healthy but helps our mental health too. Take a look at us in action!

Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

We have been looking at and taking inspiration from the work of David Hockney. We have explored how he uses acrylic paint to create vibrant painting. We created our own portraits of Queen Elizabeth II in the style of David Hockney. Take a look at some of our pieces of work!

Year 2 are Jubilee Ready 👸

For the last 2 weeks Year 2 have been getting ready for the Jubilee! We have learnt lots about the Queen and have use our skills to help make decorations for our Jubilee party.

We have also used our DT skills to make a beautiful napkins for the party, we evaluated other napkins then designed our own. We tie dyed fabric, sewn our napkins and used a stencil to add detail.

Here is our finished work

We had a Jubilee party

We had so much fun on the last day of term at our Jubilee party. We played garden games, did a scavenger hunt, danced and even pretended to be the queen! Take a look at our royal photos!