Room on the broom story

We have been enjoying reading ‘Room on the Broom’. We got the role play characters out and acted out the story!

Spider counting

We have fantastic counters in Nursery, we were identifying the numbers on spiders & adding peg legs to each one!

Spooky dressing up

Check out our spooky costumes! The children have had so much fun dressing up and in our haunted home corner!

Play dough pumpkins

Spooky pumpkins were made in our play dough area, the children did fantastic rolling out and designing!

Halloween pictures

We spent some time this week to make some pumpkins and spider drawings. We got the chalk out and made our own skeletons!

Halloween discovery trays

We have explored in the discovery trays to find halloween objects hidden in the lentils!

Fruit and vegetable printing

We have been using apples, carrots & broccoli to mark make this week!

Outdoor drumming

We went outside to see what outside objects make loud and quiet noises with our drum sticks.