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Alexmaven and dionroutledge
28 January 2014 12:30:22

Hello everyone this is Alex and Dion we loved Southwick Primary it was a good school with great teachers with great personalities and we are now in comp we are in year 10 and we have lots of memories at that school we miss it very much and would be good to go back some day. We loved the teacher Miss Graham she was lovely and amazing. Best school ever.

25 January 2013 20:45:44

Hello, it’s Abbie Wright.I really miss this school and what it has done for me is amazing. I wish I could come back.

Gary Tinker
24 September 2012 06:46:25

I visited your school as part of the Melbourne Staff Songsters UK Tour way back in what seems a lifetime away – Sept 2010.
I was impressed with your school and activities then as I am now having won your recent award.

Well Done and God Bless you all.

Kathleen Lockey
05 August 2012 03:09:01

I was at West southwick girls school with Norma Graham Hazel Bramley etc. Would love to hear from anyone who went there 1959-1963

haley hipkin
04 March 2012 20:56:53

Hey everyone I miss Southwick School. I miss all of my friends and teachers. I really wish that there was a shooting star so that I could wish on going back to Southwick School. It is the best school any one could dream of going to.

thomas maven
02 March 2012 16:04:46

i loved this school i left in 2011 and i miss all the teachers wish i could come back

June flynn(nee Bellas)
26 February 2012 12:50:11

I was a pupil at this school from 1971 – 1976. The classmates i remember are Kevin Foot, Pamela Glanville, Anne Samuels who has sadly passed away. Margaret Hulme and June Foxton, just to name a few, Teachers that come to mind are Mrs Holmes – cookery classes, Mr Collins, Mr Wilkinson – Head, Mrs Ferrier, I do see Mr France and his wife now and then, Brilliant school

charlotte padgett
17 July 2011 11:03:44

Hi everyone, This is Charlotte Padgett here. I really wish I could go back to Southwick Primary but I’m on my way to the comp so they would be no point. I really miss Mrs Stoker and all the teachers and all my friends but I am happy still because I’m back in touch with Abbie, Georgia, Countney and all the rest of them. Yippee!

luv ya lots xxxxxx

Ann Hughes
14 June 2011 21:21:53

Thank you to Craig Bromfield for remembering me. I remember Craig as I remember lots of the children. Thank you for many happy memories.

16 May 2011 19:28:25

Hello its Sophie. I really miss Southwick. I wish I could go back.

Craig Bromfield
17 January 2011 19:20:27

Lovely school, lovely teachers.

I actually remember Miss Ann Hughes as if it was yesterday (allthough it might have been Mrs Hughes – hello by the way!!!) You were a lovely teacher and very very pretty with short dark hair!

I remember Mrs I P Morton (my first real idol) Miss Acklam (my first ever crush! although Mrs H was not far behind!!) Mrs Willis and Mrs Atkinson’s hair.. oh how nice it was to go to school. 🙂

Nice to see some familiar last names on here.. i used to babysit lee and kelly sewell – I hope all families are well.

left southwick a long time ago. Always will be home though!

salwa abbas
13 January 2011 07:56:33

We enjoyed our visit to you and also very pleased with your visit to our country (Syria).
We hope to repeat such a visit.

30 October 2010 12:52:58

I’m Olivia Ross & I love Southwick Community Primary School. We do lots of activities that are very good. I love the teachers. They are very kind. When I go to comp I will miss this school a lot xxxx Lots of love Olivia Ross xxxxx

Harvey Spikin
14 October 2010 05:08:41

I was priveleged to be part of the Melbourne Staff Songsters that visited Southwick last month. The pleasure of spending time with the kids both in their class rooms, during lunch and the time spent in the afternoon program. You can be proud of what you have and our group was truly moved by the entire day, memories I will treasure forever.
Thank you and God Bless.

Aimee Gordon
13 July 2010 14:07:36

I can’t believe it’s 6 years since I left this amazing school. I can still remember all the laughs and amazing times we had with friends and teachers. This school is just amazing. xxxx

kirsty bainbridge
12 July 2010 16:13:50

Hello, I’m in Year 5 and going into Year 6. I love the school very much. I will be leaving next year. I’m going to miss all the teachers and all the children. Thank you,

05 July 2010 07:52:51

I read item by Norma Graham…She mentioned names from the past. Brenda Brewster…(my first g/f was her sister Iris) Jenny Foxall (I lived next door to her in Maplewood Ave) I wonder if she remembered any of my sisters about her age…Betty or Mary Hendry.

JadeStrong & DebbieHackett
29 June 2010 12:53:31

It’s Jade Strong and Debbie Hackett,
We miss the school so much and hate that the old southwick primary was knocked down.
We hope that we can come and visit all the teachers and the new school.
Especially Mrs Graham and Mr Robson as we miss our Year 6 memories.

Lots of love

norma graham now smith
10 May 2010 22:49:06

I started infants 1953 then high s/wick and back to west southwick til 1962 then finished my last year at chester rd school. I remember Miss Prior the gym teacher and mrs prior the domestic science.girls and boys were seperated by a high wall but we were stil able to climb up it to talk and for them to cadge our cakes off us on cooking day. Miss Telfer was my form teacher and i have met some of my school pals brenda brewster ann jones hazel bramley jenny foxhall over the past few years anyone out there who remembers me get in touch I would love to hear from you.

shaun kennedy
09 March 2010 18:59:32

I went to southwick primary in 2004 and left in 2006 and it was a great school.
I miss all the teachers.

Chloe King
24 February 2010 11:46:49

Hello. I attended Southwick Primary School and I left in 2005. All of the teachers were amazing and I miss them all so much. Miss Ellis was the best teacher anyone could ever have. If I could I would come straight back to the school any day! Miss and love all teachers and old friends to bits.

Jacquie Ellis
05 February 2010 22:34:49

Hi to all staff and past pupils! I was a teacher at the ‘old’ Southwick Primary from 2000-2007. I left to go and live in Nottingham. I miss the school, all the children and staff dearly and would come back in an instant if I could. You never know, one day!!! I have so many fond memories, especially of all the fabulous performances that were put on by the incredibly talented children. Have just been looking at the photos of the new school, am completely jealous; will have to come and visit sometime. Take care. Lots of love xxx

hannah clarke
04 February 2010 14:31:20

I left this school 5 yrs ago this year. I loved my whole time in the school. I miss Miss Ellis xxx Hannah

29 January 2010 17:55:34

I was born and bred in ‘Suddick’ and went to West Southwick, Hight Southwick then West Southwick Seniors. I left in the summer of 1956 to work at Castletown pit. I remember Peter Tweddle, Alfie Miller, Jimmy Tucknut, Brian Peary, Bobby McIntosh, Winsy Turnbull and loads more… Also Mr Smith (The boss) Mr Potts, Mr Milburn…. It was a great school and gave me the bridge to my life on which to build.

Paige Little
08 November 2009 15:45:57

Hi, I miss Southwick Primary huge amountss ! i just wish I could turn back time and start all over again . I’m going into year 9 next year, and year 6 seems like a month ago . I thoroughly enjoyed myself there and I hope you all have a fab time at the school . ByeBye xx

Sister Kathleen Cake
20 October 2009 19:37:00

As a teenager in the 80’s, I lived round the corner to the old Southwick school. Then I had to leave Sunderland to get a job and I missed the area so much. I used to come back about 5 times a year and when the opportunity came up to work here, I grabbed it. I’m now a regular visitor to Southwick school. Their hospitality to all visitors is exceptional. The staff, children and parental supporters are great. I love to come in and do school assemblies, and I love it when we welcome the children into the parish church of Holy Trinity. Well done to everyone who makes Southwick school the success that it is. Sister Kathleen Cake North Wearside Parish

Mollie Richardson
20 October 2009 14:13:08

Hi to all the teachers. I hope you are getting on ok. I miss you all. Byeee xx

charlotte sewell .
20 October 2009 14:12:20

Hello. Charlotte and Lucille here. We are here at Red House Academy. We wish we were still at Southwick Primary. Yes we are still good friends like we were in primary. We hope to see and hear from you again , Byee

cenya russell
18 September 2009 19:37:45

Hi, my name is Cenya I go to this brilliant school and I love it so much. I am 8 years old, I am in year 3 and I am in Miss Lingwoods class. I am enjoying it and I have lots of friends.

anita thompson
12 August 2009 13:01:50

I went to Southwick Primary until 1998, It is an amazing school, I learnt lots, made lots of friends and the teachers were cool.

Bobbie White
13 July 2009 14:59:00

I left this amazing school in 2008 on the 18 July and would love to have another year there. It is a great school. I’m now in Yr 7 at Red House Comp. I miss Southwick Primary so much ! I miss all the teachers and my friends who went there.
Love Bobbie xxx

Charlotte Sewell
06 July 2009 19:47:27

Hi Teachers, I really enjoyed Southwick Primary School even though I only went there for 2 years . A BIG hi to Mrs Ellison. I miss everyone there. Byee x

Miss Yates
21 June 2009 22:00:19

Well I was Miss Yates when I taught here, but have since got married and am now a Pattillo. What a wonderful school Southwick is. I started my teaching career here and loved every minute. I moved back to the Manchester area to be nearer family but missed the school like mad. A great bunch of kids, and a wonderful group of teachers. The new school looks wonderful. Wishing you all the very best Miss Yates

stephen johnston
23 May 2009 17:21:12

Hi, I went to southwick till around 95 ish. Had alot of great times there and had a lot of good teachers. Mrs Hughes & Mr Whittey are two that I will alway remeber.. Good luck in your new school. I hope it’s is as special as the old one was.

Hilda Parker
07 May 2009 22:13:27

I was a pupil at West Southwick School, and left in 1955, back when Mrs Thompson has the head mistress. I was wondering if anyone has a class photo of the class of this year.

kath gair
27 April 2009 23:44:47

Hello, I’m from Middlesbrough and have been a visitor to your wonderful new school with lots of lovely teacher’s and staff. I have told all my friends about the way your teachers have all worked very hard to make everyone so welcome. I will always take with me, very happy memories of the Easter display and the fantastic,original eggs on display, which all staff and children must be proud of.Thanks to you all.X

Cliff Wilkinson
16 April 2009 12:59:12

I was a pupil at West Southwick Infants (as it was then) from 1949-1952? In the days of Miss McDonald.
I have a class photograph taken in the hall. If the school would like it, I would be pleased to provide a copy. Maybe someone might recognise themselves.

Cenya Russell
09 April 2009 21:15:38

Yippppppie! I am in my new school and I love it so much that I never want to leave it. I am 7yrs old and I am in Yr2
with Mrs Ellison and Miss Foster.They are the best teachers you can ever wish for. I LOVE SOUTHWICK COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL AND I ALWAYS WILL DO FOR MY LIFE.

ann hughes
30 March 2009 22:29:11

I was a teacher at southwick primary from 1980-1995.

I lost the best years of my life when I left the school, the staff and the children were like my family. I used to be known as Mrs. Hugs . The children were lovable—-at times!!! and they were a joy to teach.I have some very happy memories. I hope your new school is as welcoming as the old . .

dillon scott
24 March 2009 14:55:44

I used to go to Southwick Primary School but I moved and I settled in very well. I started new school and I made lots of friends. Hope everyone ok. I’ll come to visit.

Sheila Heckles nee Ennew
26 February 2009 14:45:24

Loved every minute of my 2 years at WEST SOUTHWICK as it was then (1953- 1955). What a great start to school life, could not have had better.Such lovely memories to look back upon.

zoe bell
13 February 2009 11:38:29

I was in Southwick Primary School in 1996. I think I remember, it was a brilliant school. I made so many friends there it seems a long time ago now. And I have to say it was the best school I ever went to.

cerrone carr
14 January 2009 10:47:10

Hi I am in year six in Southwick Primary and I really enjoy coming to this school. It is very nice and I am really excited to go to the new school in February.

victoria dugdale
31 December 2008 09:46:19

Hi I went to Southwick Primary and sadly I left on July the18th. Say hi to all the teachers from me. I am really missing you all. Good luck in your new school everyone. I’ll come and see you when you move in. I can’t wait till our academy opens xxxxx from Victoria xx

Paige Little
14 December 2008 17:51:58

Hi teachers. I have just left your school and I loved it all. My mam gave birth to my little brothers on the 25th of July. Bye miss you all.

Jack Nelson
10 December 2008 14:21:12

I have been in this school since my second year of nursery. My first year was in Bishop Harland. I am really am looking forward to the new school!!

Ann Beldon
24 November 2008 09:27:58

Hello to all reading this. I was the PE/Dance teacher at Southwick for many years. I truly miss it and wish I was still there with you all. The website is great, lovely to see what’s going on in school. Good Luck to all teachers and young people in moving into your new school.

07 November 2008 17:58:16

I have just been on my works experience in Mr Robsons class and it was really good to be back in the school again

Jaymee Straughannn
07 November 2008 15:31:15

I used to go to this school … Miss All the Teachers … and Friends … Love Jaymee.

sam stockdale
25 October 2008 19:38:09

Hi it’s Sam Stockdale here just wanted to say all the best for the new school. I miss the school so much I wish I was back so I could have a great primary school life once again. I loved that school so much. Hope to see you all again!!! from Sam,Michael,Thomas..

devan Russell
12 October 2008 13:46:52

Hi Southwick I have just left this year. I do wish i could start primary school all over again…
Miss you all so much.

Taryn King & Jodie Charlton
09 October 2008 10:28:32

I think that Southwick Primary School was the best school I ever went to. I met lots of friends there.

cheasea mullen and kaitlyn guthrie
31 August 2008 19:28:29

We love Southwick Primary School and we are sad because we are moving to the comp bye byexxxxxxxxxx

Sophie Home
09 August 2008 21:41:43

I go to Southwick Primary and I like it but I can’t wait to move into our new school and can’t wait till I leave but I will miss it.

katie anderson
19 July 2008 22:28:08

Hi. My name is Katie Anderson. Southwick Primary School is a really good school. I went there for 2 years and I will miss it. Bye xx

Charlotte Sewell
19 July 2008 18:43:32

I left Southwick Primary on Friday 18th July and I was very sad. I had a loveyl 2 years at Southwick and I am going to miss it lots, especially Mrs Eyres and Miss Smails .

Paige + Charlotte
18 July 2008 21:18:28

We left school today boohoo. We all cried and we are very sad to leave. It is a great school and we are missing it already xxxxxxxxxxx

Sean Goldsmith
12 July 2008 19:42:10

My name is Sean I am 4 years old, I am in nursery and move into reception in September. I can’t wait to wear my BLUE jumper. Looking forward to moving into our new school.

Alice Goldsmith
12 July 2008 19:39:36

Hello my name is Alice and I am 6 years old. I am in year 1 and can’t wait to be in year 2. I am looking forward to 2009 when we will be moving to our new school.

Stephen Home
10 July 2008 15:54:27

Hi, my name is Stephen and I left Southwick Primry in 2006. It was good in primary.
Ha ha ha mint!

bethany anderson
08 July 2008 12:44:18

This school is a good school. We can do optoins and we can do cooking.

Bree Lund
08 July 2008 12:43:11

When I first started this school I was in nursery. In Year 2 I had Miss Adamson. I was in her first class. It was very good.

ellie smith
08 July 2008 12:41:06

Hi, my name is Ellie Smith and I am 10 years old. I cannot wait for the new school to be built because I will be in year 6. We do options and this year my option is art.

08 July 2008 12:38:41

My names Bethany and I’m in Year 5. When I first got told that I was moving school from Carley Hill to Southwick Primary I was really sad. I had gone to Carley Hill all my life and my dad did too. When I got to Southwick I was really happy. I met lots and lots of new friends. Its’ really cool now but again we need to move. I can’t wait

cerrone carr
08 July 2008 12:38:27

I love this school. It is a great school and I love all the teachers. They are great fun. I can’t wait till I get to the new school. It will be my favourite school and even better than this one.

Tammy Keogh
08 July 2008 12:36:00

When I vistitd this school the people that showed me round were really nice.

04 July 2008 21:56:50

I am leaving this school in September 2008 and I am going to miss it.

Kieran Ransom
30 June 2008 09:58:53

Hello everybody. I am settling in in Blackpool and I am going to Stanley Primary School now. A big hello to Mrs Young and her baby and to Mrs Williams and all my friends, Lee C, Dylan, Ross, Chloe, Kyle and Gavin. I can not wait to visit you all at the weekend. Miss you all, Kieran

Trev Young
26 June 2008 11:53:16

I left West Southwick in 1965, school friends such as Alan Barrow, John Goldsmith, Dennis Conlin, Geordie foot, Charlie Ramsey, Micky Ewart, Robert Hogg (plus loads more whose names escape me, sorry, but at 58yrs old blame the grey matter) !
Some of the teachers I remember – Mr Woods (Head), Mr. Milburn, Mr. Gilchrist, & Mr Collins, again my apologies for those I have forgotten.
I now live and work in Azerbaijan and enjoying life!!

James Bryce
25 June 2008 20:17:06

I left West Southwick Secondary Modern school at Easter in 1961 after four years at the school.
My first year teacher was Mr Clarke, who was also the science teacher. My second year teacher was Mr Stafford, who was also the history teacher. Our classroom was in one of the huts near Charles Street. There were two huts, with two classrooms in each. The girls had one of the huts and the boys the other. Mr Stafford and Mr Nuttman, the music teacher, had the classrooms in my time at the school. In the third year my teacher was Mr Anderson, who was also the Technical Drawing teacher, and in the fourth year my teacher was Mr Charlie Milburn, who was also the geography teacher. Mr Milburn was a talented football player in his time and I often went to watch him play for Dunelm Rovers, who played on the top of Tunstall Hill.
Some of the names that I remember from school at that time were Michael Green, Philip McGarley, Billy Foster, Michael Hall and Richy Anderson.
Best of luck to the school during the forthcoming move to the new site.

shannan guthrie
25 June 2008 16:43:18

i only went to this school for 2 years the rest of the time i went to carley hill

samantha turner
03 June 2008 18:59:33

my best friend is paige jackson in year 6 and i did go to southwick but i left in reception hi paige

cerrone carr
28 May 2008 11:32:40

hi my name is cerrone carr i go to southwick primary school.i am in year 5 my teacher is the best of them all.

i was realy sad when miss ellis left to go to nottingtam.

adam g
21 May 2008 16:48:14

hi im adam i use to go to southwick my best teacher was all of them

jack nelson
12 May 2008 10:10:39

I am 10 year’s old I am in year 5 my teacher is Mr.Robson I can be a bit naughty some times I cant wait for the new school!

chelsea mullen
11 May 2008 17:02:32

I am Chelsea I am in year 6 sadly am leaving this year and I dont want to leave I will be really sad.
My best teacher is Miss Stoker she the head teacher.
all of our teacher is really nice.I have go lots of friends. If I never went to this school then I don’t know what I would of been like.

cerrone carr
02 May 2008 09:30:28

hi my name is cerrone carr i go to southwick primary school ia m in year 5 my teacher is mrs graham she is a very kind and helpful teacher i have just made a new freind from china she is called haowen she is nice aswell

Signe Pedersen
28 April 2008 13:35:09

Hello again.
We are safely bach at home – in the rain!!!!
Hope your reunion day went well – we were thinking of you. In ten minutes we are having a short meeting and Stein and I are going to tell a little about our trip to Southwick. I am just trying to see if I manage to send this. See you later! Signe Olaug.

keera boyes and natalie harrioson
27 April 2008 19:25:23

We are in year 5 in Mr Robsons class and are teachers are the best in the school we think if we never went to this school who knows what nasty teachers we would have

connor douglas
26 April 2008 13:51:23

I go to this school and i am going to miss it!!

courtney Russell
26 April 2008 13:12:58

Hi my name is Courtney i am 11 years old and i go to witherwack primary school.

Raymond Jeffries
26 April 2008 12:51:18

I left school 50 years ago which was Christmas 1957 .There was no mixed class’s of (boy’s and girl’s) except the orchestra and the chior .Class’s had 48 pupils. compared to today. There were no computers or calculators to work out your sums everything was done on paper using your brain .There was a lot more respect for teachers in those days.against these modern times the lessons liked most were technical drawing and woodwork. I left shool when I was 15 years old and start ed work after the Christmas holidays.

Cenya Russell
26 April 2008 10:51:08

Hello my name is Cenya Russell I am 6 I am in year 1 at Southwick primary school.

Bradley Million
26 April 2008 10:41:50

I come to this school but saddly im leaving this year

Al Holden
26 April 2008 10:22:25

Great to be back, made up for the days I lost when I should have been here. Wish everyone the very best.

john watson
22 April 2008 14:54:18

Im John Watson. I left this school in 2007 and i was glad a left cause it was good but bad in a way. A thought some of the teachers were really nice

john watson

21 April 2008 13:10:15

Hi my name is Devan I am 11 years old I love our school so much I never want to leave i wish i could start school all over again my last teachers were Miss smails,Mrs Eyers,Mrs Charley and Mrs Middilton

Peter Tweddle
14 April 2008 13:38:00

Pupils 1953-57, Dickie Aslett, Allan Barker, Alan Currer, Alan Hopkinson, Eddie Ingram, Ray Milburn, Werner Hansen, Jimmy Metcalf, Brian Ollerton, Stan Walton, Billy Ross, Dave Warne, Johnny Palmer, Frank Seath, John Mitchinson, Ian Clough, Kenny Rowntree, Les Hewitt, Ivan Dunn, Peter Tweddle, Kenny Connelly, Bob Crosby, Frankie Moon, John Owen, Dave Mackel. (plus one or two more whose names escape me, sorry)
Teachers – Mr Smith (Gaffer), Charley Milburn (maths,English, history, geography), Mr Potts (Little Louey- art, music), Jack Lloyd (science, maths, English), Mr Bell (music, maths, history), Mr Collins (woodwork, maths).
Mr Collins and Potts were founder members of the Sunderland Youth Orchestra. They made the majority of the stringed instruments in the woodwork shop at West Southwick School. A number of pupils from West Southwick School went on to become members of the orchestra.

Elizabeth Goodenough
12 April 2008 19:22:47

I attended West Southwick infants from Easter 1963 till July ’65 when I moved on to High Southwick Juniors until July’69. I was called Elizabeth Bell then. The photograph from the 60s I think was taken in the academic year ’64-65 as I have a very similar one with Mrs Ellis, the headteacher on the left and my teacher at the time Miss Mortlock. The teacher in your photograh is Winnie Brown. I returned to the school in September 1979 as teacher in the nursery and worked with Maureen Earle until April 198. At that timeI was known as Elizabeth Shanks. I am hoping to attend the reunion and I will bring that photo along.

kurtis mason
08 April 2008 15:35:24

Hi, my name is Kurtis Mason I´ve been to Southwick Primary all my life and I have really enjoyed southwick and I can´t wait to hear what our school performance is.

david glanville
02 April 2008 20:50:01

I left west southwick, (now southwick primary) in 1972.
I enjoyed my time at school, especially as we were the first 5th form and were given special treatment by Mr Collins, a great teacher. Congratulations to the school, and i will be attending the reunion

Rebecca Stoddart
28 March 2008 19:14:24

hi i am in red house comp now and i went to southwick and it was really good. We done a perfromance in year 6 which was High Southwick School musical, it was really fun to do and i really enjoyed it, I was wondering what this years year 6 are doing in their performance.

Carly Madge Sophie Askew
28 March 2008 10:42:48

We are in college now and left Southwick primary 6 years ago and wish we were still there as little girls we really enjoyed primary as we had lots of fun and our year 6 leavers performance was the best ever (WESTENDERS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine Bell
27 March 2008 15:19:39

I’ve been a volunteer in the school since about 1985? I’ve made cakes with every child who has been to the school since then. I came into the school to hear the children read but Mr Davies asked me to do some cooking and I’ve been doing it ever since! Mr. Davies, do you remember when the hamster escaped? We found it in the cookery box!

Victoria Dugdale
27 March 2008 14:52:33

hi I go to Southwick Primary and ive been there all my life and i realy enjoy it. The teachers are realy kind and all of the pupils are kind.We hope you could come in on our reunion day.

David McColl
27 March 2008 13:49:43

I started Southwick Primary as a teacher in April 1992. Alot of changes have happened since then, our Nursery used to be a portocabin in the infant yard, we had two dinner halls and two halls for PE, all the classes in the infants had doors into the corridor and there was only one computer in the whole school!
My hair used to be ginger and it’s now grey!

Valerie Cotty nee Ross
14 March 2008 04:28:39

Hi I am an ex pupil of the school, 1948—54

I now am in Tanzania as my husband works there, but our home is Sydney Australia, would love to see if any one recognises me!! Val

Liz Kershaw
11 December 2007 11:35:28

Hi Auntie Trish! Just visited your schools website to see what you’ve been upto and its great. Will we see you at Christmas?


ps When did you go blonde?

rebecca moran
02 November 2007 00:00:00

well i go to sothwick primary school i am one of the school council students i can not remember you at all rachel well hope you like our website goodbye

bethany simpson
27 September 2007 00:00:00

hi im on the school council at southwick primary i am 9 years old and my teacher is mrs grheame she is the best teacher ever and mr robson!.

John Armstrong
24 May 2006 00:00:00

All the way through my primary life and through my whole school life i think that southwick primary is the best school in the world! Miss Stoker is great and so are all the teachers. miss ellis is so wicked i wish she was my tutor in hylton red house.

kate roberts
23 May 2006 00:00:00

I used to go to southwick primary school but I left 4 years agoI thought it was really good It is better than comp

Noel Calleja
18 February 2006 00:00:00

Well done! A very good and interesting website.
I am The Headteacher of Mgarr Primary school and am looking forward to working with you.

Ioan Koenig
27 July 2005 00:00:00

Hello, Alan!
It’s nice to have feed-back from you. Speaking of IK, they don’t provide free service for non British schools actually, but they used to some 3 or four years ago when this site started and we still are here and intend to be here as long as possible.
Our students are on their summer holidays as well. The new school year wiil start on 12th of September and I’ll do my best to put our students right on the way to your website.
Best regards,
Ioan Koenig
P. S. Your message is already on our site. Check it out if you like.

Ioan Koenig
26 July 2005 00:00:00

Hello! I’m a primary school teacher in a Romanian middle school located in the city of Târgu-Mures, central Transylvania. We also have a website and we’d be delighted to exchange opinions about school stuff. Please visit us at and leave a comment in our Forum page. Thank you!

jodie charlton
21 May 2005 00:00:00

i would like to say that i really like all the teachers and the children at southwick and it is better than my other school.i think we have a lovely headteacher as well.

aimee gordon
29 March 2005 00:00:00

I went to southwick for 8 years. I left in july of 2004. My teacher was Miss Ellis for 2 years. I was realy sad that i have left. I don’t like the comp and i want to come back to primary.

shaunna reay
10 March 2005 00:00:00

i used to go to go to southwick primary school but left in july 2003 but still go on a thursday night for an international club and i really enjoy it

katie home
10 March 2005 00:00:00

it’s katie i go to hylton red house but i still come back for euro club and i enjoy coming back!!!!!!!!

07 December 2004 00:00:00

It’s an excellent website. I “surf” through it very often. I can see some changes from the time I started to visit this page (this means that it’s still alive). Keep going on!

jodie charlton
08 November 2004 00:00:00

i think this is a better school than my other school i went to.i like this school. it has better education for any child in the school.the school has better teachers than the old school i went to.from jodie charlton

John Armstrong
08 November 2004 00:00:00

I think that Southwick Primary School has high levels of education for any child who comes to this school and a very good welcoming place for any child who has moved from another school and very friendly teachers like miss ellis.

rachael martin
24 May 2004 00:00:00

I go to southwick primary and i think it is a really good school but unfortunitly I leave in july 04 Im am very sad 24\5\04

rachael martin
24 May 2004 00:00:00

I go to southwick primary and i think it is a really good school but unfortunitly I leave in july 04 Im am very sad 24\5\04

Andrea Stoker
25 June 2003 00:00:00

Cool website, where’s the picture of Trisha?

nicole forster
03 June 2003 00:00:00

i go to southwick primary school and i am in year 5. i enjoy going to school and i think it would be a good idea to put photos on this website of the staff and children. i think the teachers treat you very nice so everyone should be able to see what they all look like