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Look what we’ve been up to in Years 3 and 4

Year 3 – Literacy

In Literacy, in Mrs Stephenson’s group, we looked at the True Story of The 3 Little Pigs and explored the text through drama before retelling it. This term we are looking at Greek myths and writing our own-we have created ‘wanted’ posters for the Minator. Mrs Smith’s group watched Partly Cloudy and wrote persuasive letters to get Peck to win Stork of The Year. We have created our own monster, hero, setting and magical weapons our hero can take on his quest! We will all be writing non-chronological reports on aspects of Ancient Greek life too!

Maths –

In maths, Mrs Stephenson’s group have been multiplying and dividing and using concrete objects for scaling problems. Mrs Smith’s class are looking at addition and subtraction and reasoning and problem solving. Both groups are working very hard to recall their times tables facts for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables.


 PE –

In PE we are playing team games and learning all about tactics and how to work as a team to win games! We also do gymnastics with a coach on Fridays. We have discovered a lot of us are very flexible!

 Topic –

We started learning about Ancient Greece this term and what a way to start with a Greek food tasting! We tried lots of foods including feta cheese, olives, Greek yoghurt and sundried tomatoes-some of loved them but others weren’t as keen. We have been learning about Ancient Greek democracy and comparing it with our democracy in the UK today; we still include a lot of the Ancient Greek traditions today!

 Year 4 –

Year 4 Life Centre Visit

On Wednesday 15th November, year 4 went on a school trip to the life centre in Newcastle to learn more about our science topic this half term, which is Electricity. We completed a workshop, looked around the centre and then went ice-skating and for hot chocolate. All children and staff had a fantastic and unforgettable day!

Year 4 PE

In PE, year 4 have been doing gymnastics. We have been creating our own routines using a series of different balances, travels and rolls.  We have progressed from our own individual routines, to group performances involving 4 children at the same time!

A group of children from Year 4 have also recently attended a local hockey tournament – we tried our best and did the school proud.

Year 4 Science

In science this term we have been learning all about teeth, the digestive system and food chains. We have had a lot of fun taking part in different experiments and investigations – we looked at the effect different liquids (such as Coke, diet Coke, milk etc.) had on egg shells over the course of three days which was quite an eye opener for some children! We also created our very own version of the digestive system using tights and other objects – it was very messy and fun!

Science day





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