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Hello and welcome to years 1 and 2!

Key Stage 1 leader: Mrs Mahone

In year 1, we are taught by Mrs Jardine, Mrs Dennison and Mrs Pattison. We are helped in our learning by Miss Bilton.

Our year 2 teachers are Mrs Mahone, Miss Brooke and Miss Turner. Supporting us in class, we have Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Williams and Miss Dryden.

In Key stage 1 we are going to be reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ as our chosen book to kick start the year. During our first 2 weeks we will be solving number problems, writing character descriptions, creating papier-mâché masks and collages of the characters along with many other fun activities.

Year 2 are going to continue to investigate the life of Roald Dahl and read a wide range of his books throughout the rest of Autumn term. During the term we are going to create PowerPoints based on the information we find about his life, making timelines of his published works and his life, writing a range of stories, information leaflets and descriptions, solving a wide range of number problems, carrying out scientific investigations to find the best materials to create our own chokey and many more fantastic activities!

In Year 1 our topic for the rest of the term is Terrific Toys. We are going to be talking about and looking at lots of different types of toys. We will be talking about our favourite toys, looking at how toys have changed and what toys looked like in the past. We will also be learning about the story of why and how the teddy bear was created. In DT we will be making clay toys, using our computer skills to create detailed images of different toys and their unique features, solving a range of number problems, writing descriptive pieces about the different toys and many other brilliant activities.

Thank you for your continued support.

Key Stage 1 staff.

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Dates for your diary


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All Key Stage 1 homework is given out on a Monday and returned by Friday. Children will receive 1 piece of homework each week in their homework books. This will alternate between a literacy and numeracy piece of homework which will be linked to what the children are learning that week in the given subject.

Year 2 will receive weekly spellings each Monday, we ask that you practice with your child as many times as possible during the week in preparation for them to take part in a spelling challenge containing those words on Friday.

If your child has any problems with their homework, please pop in to see the teacher who set it we are always happy to help!


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Year 1 PE

All Year 1 children will have PE on a Wednesday and Friday

Year 2 PE

All Year 2 children will have PE on a Thursday

We ask that you leave your child’s PE kit in school as we do so many different PE activities throughout the term. Staff in Key Stage 1 will ask children to take their PE kit home at the end of each half term to be washed.

Home Reader

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Year 1 and Year 2 home readers are changed every Monday and Friday. We ask that you keep your book at home and only return it to school once your homework and home reader is complete.

Terrific Toys – Autumn Term – Year 1

Roald Dahl -Autumn Term – Year 2

Useful Websites


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