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What we’ve been up to in Nursery

Hatching our very own Chicks

On Monday we had a very special delivery of some eggs, we were very lucky as the eggs were ready to hatch. On Wednesday the children noticed a crack in one of the eggs and we all waited patiently as the chick pecked its way through the shell. By Thursday teatime we had 10 baby chicks to care for. Over the Following week we helped to keep them clean, fed and watered as we built on our understanding of a life cycle of a chick.

Our Easter Egg-stravagansa Fayre!!

Today Nursery and Reception held an Easter Egg-stravagansa Fayre to raise money to support the Early Years learning and outdoor play area. Throughout the day we had a variety of competitions which included an Easter egg /Bonnet competition, pin the tail on the bunny, guess the weight of the cake, guess how many eggs were in the jar and guess the name of the bunny. There was also a selection of different Easter craft activities that both the children and parents took part in and we also had a lovely yummy cake stall where there was a mixture of homemade and shop bought cakes on sale. The children made several Easter crafts over the week that was made up into a beautiful gift pack that was then put on sale for the parents to buy as a keepsake of their children’s lovely work.

Everyone had such a great day and also had fun getting dressed up to get their photos taken in our Easter photo booth.

We would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who donated cakes and who also spent so much time to take part in our Egg/Bonnet competition and also a big thankyou to everyone who came along and spent the day supporting their children.

 Our trip the Whitehouse Farm

To link with our spring topic, we all enjoyed a trip to Whitehouse Farm. We learned all about the things we like to eat, what they babies are called and the role of the farmer. As part of our farm trip we were delighted to have a tractor ride from the Farmer. We loved our day at the Farm.

World Book Day

Today we celebrated world book day by coming into school in our pyjamas with a teddy bear and a book to support our theme ‘Bedtime stories’. Throughout the day we read a variety of books that children had brought into school which was read to us by children from year 3. As a whole nursery we also made up our very own beginning to a story by choosing the characters and the setting to which we then passed onto the rest of the school to add their part into our story.

We had such a fun day!


Mother’s Day

This week we made a Mother’s day card for a special lady in our lives. As part of our learning of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ some of the children kindly made lavender scented soap made from real goats milk that were wrapped up as part as a gift to go with our Mother’s day card.


The Train Ride

This half term we have been reading the story ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin and learning lots about trains and other different vehicles. We really loved the story and have learned so much. To celebrate our learning successes we decided that we would have our very own train journey and invited our grownups along to enjoy our adventure too.
We travelled from mini bus to Newcastle central station where we had a good look around and found out even more about the jobs of the people working in a train station. We used the information board to find out which platform we needed and then looked at a map to plan a route to the platform.
When the train arrived we all climbed on and began looking out for some of the things the little girl had seen on her train ride. We drew pictures and talked lots about what we could see.
“Look there’s Jack. Jack’s flection” said Jack
“I can see a sheep!” said Tommy about a car covered in snow
“5 flection” said jenson after counting all his ticks
“There’s a horse” said Dahla
“No sheep or hot air balloons. Why no hot air balloons? ” Charlie J

What a fantastic train ride we all had and we would like to say a massive thank you to all of the grown -ups that came along to support us and help to make this an amazing memorable experience for everyone!!



At the beginning of December two very special elves called “Kind” and “Ness” came to stay with us in nursery. They were chief elves at Santa’s workshop and reported directly to Santa. Santa had sent a message to say he would like us to start training to be elves one day and that Kind and Ness had come to oversee our training and to check we were on the nice list. Each morning Kind and Ness would fly from the North Pole with a chocolate coin from Santa to hide in our advent calendar and they would bring a list of some special jobs that Santa had asked us to do for him. Every night they went back to the North Pole to tell Santa if we had completed our jobs and if we were being very kind. There was only one problem…..Ness kept doing some naughty things like tying poor Kind to the light with tinsel!!!
The children have all loved helping to look after the elves and helping Ness not to be naughty. Here are some pictures of some of the amazing things that the children made for Santa. I’m sure you will agree they made excellent elves in training!!!

In December we had a very exciting day! We all got to go to the Gala Theatre and watch “Mrs Claus’s Kitchen” the pantomime. We loved watching Mrs Claus work her magic in the kitchen and some of us even though she looked like a princess. We thought that her kitchen helper was a bit silly and laughed lots at the naughty things he got up to, especially when he added too much magic powder and managed to bring the gingerbread man to life. We all joined in with the singing and the actions. When the magic globe broke, we loved becoming kitchen helpers ourselves, saving Christmas by making special wishes. All of our wishes made it snow!!! We had an amazing time!

Before we broke up for Christmas we focussed our growing Christmas excitement on enjoying and taking part in our family workshop. We loved having our grownups there to support us as we took part in our three activities. Making our reindeers and badges was lots of fun, hot chocolate and marshmallows was an extra special treat but getting to meet Santa Claus in our Grotto was truly magical. All of the nursery staff were very impressed with our confidence in speaking to Santa and dealing with the new social situations. We were very lucky to receive a present from Santa too.
Southwick Nursery staff would like to say a big thank you to all of those adults who came along to support their children. Without you the workshop would not have been possible. Also, a special thank you to Santa for coming along to Southwick today and making so many children happy.


Snow Day

Today we had our very first experience of Snow at school.  The children have loved experiencing all of the snow today. The children had great fun exploring the snow and investigating through making snowballs and snow men and even made some snow angels. The children had a lot of fun playing snow ball fights. They also were fascinated by the prints left in the snow – they had lots of fun matching the prints to the shoes they belonged to.



Celebrating Children In Need

To celebrate Children in Need we all worked together to make some delicious biscuits which we cut out using a Pudsey Bear cutter. We baked them in the oven and enjoyed eating them whilst celebrating Children in Need by coming to school in our pyjamas and enjoying a special Pudsey Party!
Nursery has raised over £50 for children in Need. We are so proud of ourselves. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Pudsey success.


This week we have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Diwali. As part of our learning about different cultures we experienced some taste testing linked to the Indian culture. We tried poppadum’s, Naan bread and some curry. All of the children were willing to try the different foods and some absolutely loved the spicy foods! We also enjoyed making some Diwali Lamps to light the way into Christmas.




Bonfire night

This week we have been focusing on the celebration of Bonfire Night. We thought about what a bonfire was and what it looked like. We also learned about how a bonfire can be used. We learned that it can be used to help keep you warm on a cold day and finally how fires can be used to cook food.
We decided to make some hot chocolate altogether and to use our outdoor fire pit to experiment with cooking on a fire.
The children thought about what we would need to make a fire. “Stones” said Rio. “A lighter” said Isaac.
We then thought about the ingredients we needed for hot chocolate. “Chocolate” said most of the children. We asked if we needed anything else. “A pan” said Dahla “one of those stick things that you get the pizza out with to stab the fire” said Archie.
When asked if we could touch the hot pan the children told us that we would “need gloves or me might get burnt.”
The children were all fascinated by the fire as they came to have a closer look. They were beginning to talk about what they could see, hear and smell. Whilst waiting for our milk to heat up we talked about the role of the fire fighters and how they help us when there is a fire.
The children all stayed safe and sensible around the fire pit and we were all so proud of how well they behaved.
Fire pit hot chocolate was a huge hit, with most children asking for seconds and even thirds.

We also enjoyed making some amazing fireworks by blowing paints using a straw.




This week we have been celebrating Halloween. We have all been creating lots of lovely things such as ghosts using our footprints and making scary witch’s in the play dough. To finish off our fantastic week we had a Halloween party dressed up in our scariest costumes and then enjoyed eating our witch’s broomstick biscuits which we all helped to make.


Harvest Festival

This week in nursery we have been thinking about harvest festival and saying thank you to the farmers for growing our food. We learned about how the farmers plough their fields of corn and use big machines called combine harvesters to collect all of the wheat. We learned how this is ground down to make flour.

Today we worked in small groups using the flour that the farmer has helped to make and turned it into our own bread rolls. First we had to use the sieve to make the flour finer and then mixed in the water, salt and yeast. We all had to be good friends and patiently wait for our turn and the bowl came round the table, we then had to remove lots of air into our dough by pushing, pulling and punching our dough. When we were happy there was no air left we made balls with the dough and left it to grow. The dough was then cooked in the oven. We can’t wait to taste our buns tomorrow.


Today we tasted our own homemade bread from yesterday. We talked about how it had changed since we had made it, how it felt and looked.
The children loved their bread rolls and enjoyed dunking them in the homemade soup made by some of their friends.


Gruffalo Party

This week the children have been working very hard preparing for our Gruffalo party on Friday. We decided that we would link our favourite Gruffalo book with the coffee morning and raise as much money as possible.
We decided we would make chocolate nests as the ‘owls tree top house’, chocolate muffins, with green icing as the ‘foxes underground houses’, chocolate biscuits as the ‘snakes log pile house’ and of course yummy Gruffalo crumble!!! Using a picture based shopping list a group of children set out to Aldi to collect all of our important ingredients.
Then we began making our cakes and biscuits. The Children learned and practised lots of skills making the cakes, including an understanding of weighing, measuring, how the ingredients changed, physical skills of mixing and using tools safely and for a purpose.
On Friday we had such fun, enjoying the new food experiences at our party and playing lots of listening games, including musical statues.
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated money for our Gruffalo party.
We raised an amazing £50.50 in total.
Thank you for your support!!!!!!


Plaster of Paris

We all worked together to make some fabulous frames to hang in our Nursery. We all got very messy dipping the sheets of dried plaster into water and then wrapping them around the frames. We added lots of layers before leaving our fantastic frames to dry so that we could paint them and add lots of sparkly glitter to finish them off.


 Exploring our New Nursery

We have all loved visiting our New Nursery ready to start in September!

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